The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is located at the intersection of Central Avenue and Belvedere in the heart of Central Gardens National Historic District. 

1695 Central Avenue
Memphis, TN  38104


Parking is available along the front of the Cathedral on Central Avenue and along Belvedere, unless city parking signs prohibit you from doing so.  You may also park in the parking lot by entering through the rear of the Cathedral on York Avenue.

Parishioners With Special Needs

For easy entrance, a ramp is located on the east side of the Cathedral and an elevator is available at the west entrance. Handicap access doors are found at both of these entrances.  Accommodations, Special Needs &  Wheelchair seating is provided thoughout the center section and in front of the pews in the West Transept. If you are unable to come forward for Communion, please be seated in the first pew of the West Transept where you will be served.