January 2017

Dear Parishioners,

"Once one chooses to become a disciple of Christ...
stewardship is not an opton."

The simple truth shows why our theme for the 2017 Stewardshop of Finance is 100% Generosity.

So what is 100% Generosity? The table below may serve as a guide, based on your household income, but in actuality, the amount shown might be more – or less – than you can personally give back. We ask that you define what 100% Generosity means to you, taking into account the needs of the Cathedral parish and your own circumstances, and make a commitment that, based on these factors, is 100% generous. Below is a suggested financial stewardship guide based on household income:

Weekly Household Income Weekly Pledge Amount
$500 $25 - $75
$1,000 $50 - $150
$1,500 $74 - $225
$2,000 $100 - $300
$2,500 $125 - $375
$3,000 $150 - $450
$3,500 $175 - $525
$4,000 $200 - $600

Please prayerfully review the BROCHURE, which includes accomplishments we celebrated as a parish over the last year and the ministries we provided. We ask for everyone to show 100% Generosity to help us ensure that we can continue to provide for you, and to continue our many outreach ministries.

Please fill out a Commitment card, and submit it by February 5. Commitment cards may be mailed to the church office or placed in the baskets located near each exit on the weekends of January 22 and February 5. There is also an electronic version of the Commitment card below.

Your Commitment is critical to continue to give back to you and others – and complete a circle of giving and that shows 100% Generosity!

Your Stewardship Committee,
Billy Mueller (Chair), Terry Dahlman
Carolyn Head, June LaPorta, Laura Snyder

We are a Catholic Community of Faith.  As such, we recognize that "once one chooses to become a disciple of Christ, stewardship is not an option" and therefore I/we commit the following:

Please answer the simple math question below to submit the form.
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Stewardship of Finance Reflections

Jodi Barron - January 15, 2017

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